Introduction of Masanvi Bu Ali Qalander Book

on Friday, May 22, 2009

The first step towards the revolutionization of an individual is, probably, the recognition and then destruction of the idols in the depth of his own mind:

[Verse No.328, a quotation from Rumi's Masnavi,]

On the level of Ummah, most of the Muslims are merely born Muslims. The true spirit of Islam has not entered the depth of their mind as yet.

Unfortunately they are suffering from the fatal disease of 'ignorance of ignorance'.

Cosequently, they are worshiping the idols, which are too modernized to be perceived by thier emotion-ridden mind.

However, in this situation, we, as Muslims, should never be pessimistic. we have the key to the solution of the problems at individual as well as Ummah level: the world -shakingly world-sustaining model of the character of our Holy prophet(PBUH) and the living i.e. the Holy Quran, are always illuminating the humanity.

But it is a great pity to say that the majority of the present-day Muslims consider the Holy Quran as limited as their own mind.

Hence according to the poet of the east, Allama Iqbal we shall have to adopt the policy of ' The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam'

But Ali Qalander has also asserted this need of the hour:

I think if the young generation of Islam studies this book sincerely from this point of view, its seed can surely revolutionize their mind towards the mission of Almighty Allah:


But first of all, the Muslim Ummah as a whole will have to confess the mental disease of the worshipping of the modernized idols and then reconsturct the religious thought in Islam.

Bu Ali Qalander is one of those cosmopolitan-minded personalities of Islam who wanted, first of all, to beak the modernized idols of the so-called Muslims themselves so that the globalization of Islam can be quite easy. The following pages will speak themselves to the alive-souled.

We should be grateful to Reverend Abdul Qadir Qadri who, being a spiritual student of the last Sufi poet of the 20th century, namely Hazrat Ali Muhammad Saqi Qadri, experienced a keen feeling of his duty to present the Masanvi of the spiritual guide of his spiritual guide namely Bu Ali Qalandar, with a standard translation in modern Urdu.He is also one of the greatest experts in the art of prosody. Hence he has successfully endeavored to correct the prosodic errors of the previous editions of the Masnavi.

Amjad Hussain Amjad

Sagri (jhelum).


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