published Books

on Monday, May 25, 2009

1.Translation of Masnavi Bu Ali Qalandar from persian in to English.

2. Modification of the / format of test items at secondary level according to the international standard of TEFL.


1.Islamization of English Literature: discussion going on with different universties and other scholars around the globe.

2. Modifying the format of Test Items at different educational levels according to the international standard of TEFL.

3.Masnavi in Urdu, Persian and English: Reconstruction of Human Concepts To the ultimate truth of Islam. By Amjad Hussain Amjad (under publication)

4. Mathematization of Moral principles.

5. Dictonary of purification and revolutionization of cosmos-shaking cosmos-sustaining concept and meaning of the humanity.

6.purification and revolutionizaion of word literature and different literatures of different communities in accordance with the ultimate truth of islam.

7. From Linguistics To God.

8. How to spread the rue spirit of the philosophy of self as propounded by Allama Iqbal in the human society across the globe.

9. Reconstruction of world literature and different regional literatures across the globe to concrtize the world-shakingly world-sustaining concept through words

N.B Many more books are voyaging in the semantic mind-oceans of the chief co-ordinator and many co-ordinator of this academy, which may descend to the realm of letters and ink in future by the grace of God.


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